jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

What can you do in a coldy, frosty day?

Well, today the maximum temperature was 4ºC, and we spend all day in the field. By the way, we weren't playing sports or another energetic activity. We was seeing like primary teachers was delivering with their little pupils between the trees.
We were today in a "forest school", a primary school where pupils with conductual problems are encouraged by working and playing in nature and in a way that means that the child is absolutely free and this make that he/she must recognize his own limits.
Really, it seems a good way to prepare autonomous children.

Today images belongs to the practise we did yesterday, and to one of our meals. As you can see, ranchos cuarteleros sin más, para que luego digan.
How I miss our bread with olive oil in the mornings!
See you

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