domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

From Shrewsbury, with the best wishes

Hi all you:
As you know, your teacher is now in Shrewsbury and... What am I doing here? Really I'm not sure, but I expect to learn a lot about how to deliver with you.
At the moment, I can't see anything, I arrived late, in the night. This place is an aviromental center, in the middle of the country (some of you could say "in the middle of nothing")
Well, tomorrow I will explain all of our activities better.
Here there are two images from the village and the center

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  1. These images are impressive. I think that you will be passing very well there. I think that it´s very interesting your trip to learn more than you know and this way to be able to improve our formation. Already you will tell us. pass it to yourself very well. bye